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David Prusakowski D.M.D., Endodontist


Dr. David Prusakowski

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple: to provide you with most comfortable, highest quality endodontic treatment available anywhere.

We are committed to treating your dental needs comprehensively and to working with your general dentist as a part of a treatment team dedicated to establishing optimum oral health for you.

Nothing makes us happier than exceeding your expectations!

Practice Profile

We do everything in our power to maximize patient comfort and to provide the best, most predictable and long-lasting endodontic treatment possible.

Dr. Prusakowski and his staff have advanced training in the use of a state-of-the-art dental operating microscope.  All endodontic care is provided using this technology to magnify and illuminate the area of concern for both Dr. Prusakowski and his dental assistant. The result is unparalleled access and view of the intricate internal canal systems of our patient's teeth and a more predictable outcome.  To treat a problem properly one must be able to visualize the problem! We use a digital camera to record the images we see through the microscope for better communication and explanation of treatment needs with both referring dentists and our patients.

For complicated treatments and diagnosis we have an in-office cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) machine.  This incredible device provides a high resolution three dimensional scan of a patient's jaws to aid in diagnosis and treatment of complex cases. We are one of only a small percentage of endodontic practices that have this technology in-office to better serve our patients and referring offices with the most state-of-the-art care possible.

Patient Testimonials

Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!

Ericka Briscoe

Dr.Prusakowski,the office staff, and his assistant are fantastic. Moreover, from the time you walk in the door your made to feel like a customer. Many places today treat their patients like a cash figure. Next his assistant is outstanding and makes all feel comfortable. Lastly doc saved 2 of my teeth! All the while pain free and without anxiety. Thank you to Dr. Prusakowski and his entire staff!

John Mullen

Dr. Prusakowski did a root canal on my daughter. He and his staff were amazing at putting her at ease. Quick and pain free procedure. Very current equipment that showed exactly what he had done. Great follow up care (calling to check on her after the progcedure.) I hate anything to do with the dentist, but now feel comfortable should I ever need an endodontist again.

Melanie Fram

Very satisfied with the entire experience.

Tom Agostino

If I have to have a root canal, there is no better place to go! Not that I look forward to root canals but my confidence in Dr. Prusakowski and his staff make them that much less stressful.

Bradley Ducoat

On Friday I just couldn't handle the pain anymore! I was told about Dr Pru on Friday and I was seen immediately. I was met by a warm and friendly staff. Then once I was called in to the back, I was so impressed. Dr. Pru and his assistants made me feel so comfortable and No Worries. His equipment is more than state of the art! He uses a microscope that picks up even the smallest issue the naked eye just can't see. I was completely out of pain when I left his beautiful, clean, warm and friendly office. I hope I never need another root canal but if I do, this is the only place I will go! Dr Pru. You are the best of the best!!

Ronna Fields

Dr. David Prusakowski is the most amazing Endodontist ever! The staff, facility and the entire procedure was above my expectations. Pain free and actually enjoyable. I would recommend Dr. Prusakowski to anyone and everyone. Thank you Dr. and your team for such a wonderful experience!

Leah Diana Sosa

I want to thank Dr Pru and his amazing staff for keeping a close watch over me while I'm healing from this procedure. I have never encountered such a warm, caring and reachable professional before in my life! He has a great deal of empathy for his patients. When I called his office to ask a question he took the time to speak to me. I feel truly blessed to have him as my dr. I strongly recommend Dr Pru to anybody needing his expertise services. He is truly The Best of The Best!!!! God Bless Him.....


Dr. David Prusakowski is the most amazing Endodontist ever! The staff, facility and the entire procedure was above my expectations. Pain free and actually enjoyable. I would recommend Dr. Prusakoski to anyone and everyone. Thank you Dr. and your team for such a wonderful experience!

Leah Diana Sosa

In my job ,customer experience is a fundamental key, that's why maybe my expectations are higher even as a patient. Dr. Prusakowski has a very efficient and friendly staff but from my first visit I realized I was in the best hands with him. From the very good tools and technology he uses to the way he treats his assistants. I definitely will recommend him to my friends and family. He simply change my entire concept to what a dentist visit should be. Thank you so very much Dr. Prusakowski !!

Guisella Vidal

Dr. Prusakowski is simply one of the best caring professionals I have ever had the pleasure to so receive dental care from! Not only does he have the most state of the art facilities at his fingertips, but he also really care about his patients and how they feel during and after treatment. If you are looking for the best 'root canal specialist' look no further. Thank you Dr. Prusakowski!

Marina Catania

I have had a few root canals and this was, by far, the best experience I've ever had at any dentist or, for that matter, doctor's office! Staff very professional, friendly; offices are beautiful and comfortable; and Dr. Prusakowski is the best - as pain free a procedure like this can be. Highly recommend.

Faith Chaskes

I had a root canal performed by Dr. Prusakowsi. He is amazing. I am the worst dental patient on the earth and he and his assistant were so comforting and so gentle. He made what I thought would be the worst experience, a non-issue. Wonderful dentist and a wonderful man. Thank you so much! Would recommend him to anyone!

Georgeann Lattarulo